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Here you can find effective gate repair tips that can help you add years to the service life of your gates. Painting will certainly have terrific effects! Learn more about it and how to protect the neighbor's pets and yours.

Should you notify your neighbors?

Gate Repair Simi Valley deals with customers every day, and we see all kinds of reactions. It’s important to let your neighbors know what’s happening because gates and fences are very close to them. They’ll need to make arrangements for pets if you’re installing a new system, and they’ll definitely be inconvenienced by a lengthy repair job. Make sure to communicate to them what you’re doing and how you’re planning to do it.

How will my pets interact with my gate?

If you have a very tenacious dog, sometimes digging can be a problem when it comes to your fence and your gate. If a solution can’t be reached with training the pet itself, there are measures you can take to minimize damage to your property. Installing 2x6 treated kick-board at the base of your fence or gate can be a great stop-gap solution.

Barrier arm gates

Choosing a barrier arm gate for your home is an affordable and effective option for both large and small residential complexes. Our experts say a 12' arm for single traffic with several command options is ideal. Aluminum arm is the best as it can stand up to harsh weather conditions.

Paint maintenance

Painting the gate the right way is an extremely important aspect. If you just look at a gate, you will know if it needs a lick of paint and this process further inhibits rust from spreading. First use sandpaper and remove any loose paint or rust. The surface should be smooth and a strong wire brush can be a good tool to use. If you notice any rust spots, use a rust inhibitor and then paint with a metal primer. Two to three coats is ideal and allow each coat to dry before proceeding to the next.

Follow basic rules for gate safety

Your safety is subject to your decisions. It's vital to ensure that your residential gate openers have the necessary sensors. It's also crucial to test them often but the whole system as well as mechanical parts will periodically need maintenance service. Good gate condition ensures safety.

All stationary controls must be installed at least 6 feet away from the gate

This is a fundamental requirement under the UL 325 safety standard. The distance is long enough to guarantee that the person operating the gate will not come into contact with it or with the opener’s hardware. The only exception to this rule applies to controls for emergency access.

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