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What is wrong with my automatic gate? It does not close well

Automatic gates have sensors. These sensors detect anything that blocks the path of the gates. When there is even a speck of dust in the sensor, the gate will stop or malfunction. Sometimes even a leaf that got caught in the gate could block the sensor and disable it. Specialists at Gate Repair Simi Valley advise you to make sure that the way is clear for the sensors.

What happens when there is power outage?

Gate operators are dependent on the power supply used. There should be enough power supply. When there is power outage gate operators usually stop or slow down. Some operators and mechanisms are powered by batteries and solar energy that is why they still function even there is power outage. There also others that have battery back-ups. With these battery back-ups the gate operators still function until such time the batteries are fully drained.

Is it possible to automate an old gate?

There are many types of automatic gate openers currently available in the market and may be compatible with many types of gates. Given that, there is a good chance that your gate could be automated by installing a compatible opener. Gate opener installation is also a quick process that can be finished within a day.

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