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Gate Company

Expert Gate Repair Services In The Simi Valley

Our company has been providing specialist gate repair services for many years now. If you have a gate on your property that is stiffening, squeaking, completely broken or just in need of a good tune up, we have the expertise to help. If you have an automatic gate opener that is faulty, we can ensure it is retuned to perfect working order.

Gate Company


Whether it's a failing battery, weakening motor, noisy drive or unresponsive sensors, we can make sure all parts and components are effectively repaired or replaced. No matter what design of gate you have, from swing gates to sling, no design is beyond our knowledge to work on. We are always try to be as punctual to call outs as possible, and can make arrangements to fit perfectly around your schedule. You don't have to put up with a gate that doesn't welcome you and your guest smoothly onto your property. Have professional help form one of our highly experienced technicians today!



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An informative, interesting and useful gates infographic is waiting to be discovered. Make the most out of it now.

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Electric Gate

One of the best ways to secure one's property, whether it is residential or commercial, is to install a fence and Simi Valley electric gate around the perimeter. By doing this, one can keep out unwanted intruders and provide the occupants of the home or business a bit of safety as well.

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Driveway Gate

There are many reasons why a person might need the services of a Simi Valley driveway gate repair company. Driveway gates can be a very valuable part of a person's residential or commercial properties.

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Automatic Gate

Many people use their gates to keep their children and pets in at home, to deter burglaries, and to enhance the value of their property. While many people choose to use manual gates, many have chosen to automate the process

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Sliding Gate

While there are many types of sliding gates that are used in commercial and residential structures, most will require some type of sliding gate operator repair at some point in time. In Simi Valley finding a good company to perform repairs such as sliding gate chain replacements,

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Swing Gate

One of the most popular gate styles for many commercial and residential buildings is a swing gate. Swing gates have been around for many years and in many cases when a person thinks of a gate, that is immediately what comes to mind.

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